Magento2 has been significantly re-engineered, implementing support for more advanced and newer technologies, reworking programming patterns, improving usability and optimizing the platform. A whole lot of improvements has been made, while keeping the modular nature of the platform and its extensibility intact, for instance:
  • Improved documentation Much more extensive developer documentation for Magento 2 has now been published on their website, targeted to all Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, Solution Specialists, and Magento Admin Users. Several blog articles and guidelines are also available on Magento website, and the entire codebase is now versioned and published in GitHub, not to mention issue and bug tracking systems being adopted, and free online on-demand courses offered by Magento as part of an introduction to Magento2 development program.
  • Better performance, better scalability Full Page Caching (so far probably the biggest game-changer in terms of performance, a feature so far only available to Enterprise customers in Magento1) has now been... Read More